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10 most common causes of Depression

Find out about some of the more frequent reasons somebody suffers from

depression or anxiety.

Research suggests, there are many possible causes of depression, such as a defect in mood regulation by the brain, genetic vulnerability or predisposition, stressful or traumatic life events, medications, and medical problems to name only a few.

Depression does not necessarily come from only one cause. It can be a result from a mix of biology, psychology, and stressful or traumatic events.

10 possible causes for Depression and Anxiety :

  • too much caffeine

  • low serotonin levels

  • sleep deprivation or sleeping disorder

  • gut imbalance

  • hormone imbalance

  • micronutrient and vitamin deficiencies

  • food sensitivities

  • inflammation

  • too much stress

  • blood sugar imbalance

When your mind is balanced, you nourish yourself well, take care of inflammation and hormones, get enough sleep and take enough time for healing yourself you're on the best road to a depression free, happy lifestyle.

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